Praise for the Realistic Optimist

Robin Butler, partner @Sturgeon Capital

“The Realistic Optimist plays a vital role in shining a light on the underreported and underappreciated startup ecosystems in emerging markets. I’m happy to be able to support such a valuable platform for the next generation of founders, investors and ecosystem builders.”

Tamer Azer, partner @Shorooq Partners

"Working with Timothy is fantastic experience, it's nice to have an intellectual debate process that produces an outcome that really adds value to folks in the ecosystem. Something that goes beyond funding announcements."

Kalsoom Lakhani, GP @i2i Ventures

The Realistic Optimist covers ecosystems and startup spaces that are under-reported, and that in itself provides enormous value to readers. I love that the issues highlight new voices & fresh perspectives, and makes you realize that there is potential and innovation happening in some of the hardest places in the world. I always learn so much, and am a happy loyal reader.”

Adrian Garcia-Aranyos, president @Endeavor

“Reading the Realistic Optimist allows me to better understand, via firsthand perspectives, some of the markets we aren’t in (yet) or markets we are in close proximity too and want to understand more of. It also allows me to complement my view on markets in which we are active.”

Ezzeddin Zahzah, program director @500 Global

“Tim’s content is incredibly informative and insightful, providing valuable perspectives for both investors and founders navigating the dynamic world of venture capital and entrepreneurship. The Realistic Optimist is an essential resource to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in this rapidly evolving space.”

The Vision

The Realistic Optimist is building the referential publication covering the globalized startup scene.

This paid newsletter is its first product.

Diligently written by Timothy Motte. Learn more about the vision by listening to Tim’s appearance on the Moghamra podcast.

The Model

The Realistic Optimist seeks to keep its editorial independence, focusing on depth and substance over “click-ability”.

The logical business model to adopt was one funded by paid subscribers.

The Realistic Optimist has never taken money from a sponsor. It is not backed by anyone.

The Logistics

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Making sense of the globalized startup scene. Previously building operations at Collective, a French startup.