The Why

In the past couple of decades, start-up ecosystems have sprouted worldwide, leaving virtually no region untouched. This paradigm shift, and the intrinsic complexities associated with it, call for pragmatic, rigorous, and thoughtful analysis.

The Realistic Optimist is a weekly publication that does just that: keeping and interpreting the pulse of our recently globalized startup scene.

Diligently written by Timothy Motte.

The Model

The Realistic Optimist seeks to keep its editorial independence, focusing on depth and substance over “click-ability”.

The most logical business model to adopt was thus one funded by paid subscribers.

The Logistics

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The Vision

The Realistic Optimist is building, step by step, the referential media company covering the globalized startup scene.

The newsletter is its first product.

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Making sense of the globalized startup scene.


Timothy Motte

Making sense of the globalized startup scene. Previously building operations at Collective, a French startup.