Seedstars has been at the forefront of the rapidly globalizing startup world for years. Their new endeavor has the potential to solve a lingering problem in emerging ecosystems.
Diasporas are often touted as a silver bullet for startup ecosystems. The truth is more complicated than that.
Chilean startup NotCo has its sights on more than building a new, niche vegan brand. It wants to take over the world, and make plant-based mainstream.
Faced with severe internal adversity, the Lebanese startup ecosystem has transcended into a multi-headed creature, spanning different continents.
Western tech giants are seeking to emulate the super app trend that took emerging markets by storm.
Often constituting the only funding source in nascent startup ecosystems, foreign aid organizations' involvement in the startup world also comes with…
The Banco Central Do Brasil has had no problem disrupting the country's incumbent financial institutions in an effort to modernize the economy.
Blessed with a favorable demographic situation and bolstered by the pandemic, Indian EdTech startups went too fast, too far. They are now painfully…
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